Job sites provide a 24*7 access to the database of the resumes to the employees facilitating the just-in-time hiring by the organisations. Also, the jobs can be posted on the site almost immediately and is also cheaper than advertising in the employment newspapers. Sometimes companies can get valuable references through the "passers-by" applicants. Online recruitment helps the organisations to automate the recruitment process, save their time and costs on recruitments. Online recruitment techniques * Giving a detailed job description and job specifications in the job postings to attract candidates with the right skill sets and qualifications at the first stage. * E-recruitment should be incorporated into the overall recruitment strategy of the organisation. * A well defined and structured applicant tracking system should be integrated and the system should have a back-end support. * Along with the back-office support a comprehensive website to receive and process job applications (through direct or online advertising) should be developed. Therefore, to conclude, it can be said that e-recruitment is the "Evolving face of recruitment." Advantage & Disadvantage Of E-Recruitment